The Gift of Style!

Personal style is an investment and one of the best gifts you can give yourself. We have designed our services to meet just about any style need. Because style is personal, we’re happy to work with you to figure out what will be the most cost, time and style-effective. We've kept our pricing simple. All services are $125/hour and have a two hour minimum. Want a combo plate? We're happy to offer a 10% discount when you book more than one service.

So just get in touch and we’ll hook you up.

The Stylish Closet

The Style Doctor is in the house. We have a unique approach that blends organization with style and results in a closet that is ready to serve you. Doesn’t that sound nice? From organizing racks of jeans and sneakers to cleaning out that stuff you bought on sale that you’ll never wear (don’t worry, it happens), we’ll work with you to figure out what you have and how it works with your lifestyle. By the end of the session, you will have a beautifully organized style haven (aka your closet) along with guidance from us on what you can sell, what you should donate and what you could use to round-out your wardrobe. We’ll even provide you with digital photos of your outfits to make mix and match even easier!

Style on a Shoestring

Want to stretch your style dollars and still look great? So do we! Let us show you how. We’ll start by helping you create your personal eye for style. You’ll come away knowing what fabrics and fit work best, what styles compliment you, what trends can you comfortably incorporate and how to shop like the frugal fox that lies deep inside your soul. You get the picture. Target, Kohls, Walmart, consignment - whatever floates your boat. We’ll help you shop with one eye on style and the other on your wallet.

Good Jeans

For the price of a great pair of jeans, you can get your Good Jeans on. There’s really only one question when it comes to a good pair of jeans, “How does your butt look? Jeans are all the rage and are now a staple in any well-rounded wardrobe. Whether you live in them all day or only on the weekends, a few good pairs of jeans are money well-spent. They can go from day to night by changing-up what you wear with them. Okay, so how do you make sure you pick the right ones? Let us help you figure out the right wash, cut, fabric, brand and pocket style. We suggest meeting at fun jeans boutique or department store. We want your butt to look good. Don’t you?

Be Trendy

Trying to figure out how to do a quick wardrobe update for the season? Want to see how a few new accessories or a few trendy pieces can take your wardrobe from basic to hip? Trend it up with this great service from The Stylish Eye. We’ll give you the low-down on the top trends for the season and give you a cost-effective way to infuse them into your wardrobe. Who said trendy had to be expensive? Oh, you stylish thing, you.

One Night Stand

It happens. You get that invitation in the mail for a night on the town. Might be a black-tie gala, a festive holiday party or a night wedding. Did someone say fancy? Who can resist! You send in your RSVP and then a few weeks before the event the panic begins. What to wear? What if it’s black-tie optional - do you do the cocktail dress thing? What if it says festive attire? What now? So many questions and we have answers. We’ll meet at the store of your choosing and let the fashion show begin! We want you to not only look great for your big night out, but feel great.

Pack Your Bags

Vacation coming up? Maybe a work trip that requires business casual by day and fun, yet appropriate attire by night? How do you get all of that stuff into one suitcase? Let The Stylish Eye’s approach to mix and match get you packed with style. Forget those pesky baggage handling fees, you’re too stylish for that! We’ll help you plan out your wardrobe for each day you’re away to make sure you have everything you need to look stylish and pack efficiently.

Shop Therapy

We all need it. We all do it. The questions are - what do you need and do you do it well? Shopping that is. Maybe you’re looking to update your wardrobe. Maybe it’s just a few new staples for the season. Whatever the reason, we’re here to make shopping rewarding for your wardrobe and your wallet. Before we shop, we’ll plan out what you need and then meet up to put the plan into action. We’ll show you when a bargain is a bargain and when it’s best left on the rack. We’ll talk to you about fit and fabric - our favorite friends. You’ll see how to make your dollars work for you and your closet. You’ll zip home with our tips and tricks for making your shopping trips stylishly productive.

Working with Style

Starting a new job? Want to look stylish but not sure what’s appropriate? Have a whole bunch of pantsuits that don’t work in the start-up-wear-jeans-to-work-everyday environment? We’ll help you plan out a wardrobe that will “work” for you. We call it Working with Style. You’ll call it a time and money saver. We’ll work with your existing wardrobe, figure out what you need to be stylish at work, put together a shopping list and give you a plan to make it happen. Bye bye 9-to-5. Hello you-look-great.

Style Rx

This is our version of a style make-over. If you feel like it’s time to give yourself a style update, this is the service for you. Look, it happens. Sometimes your fashion clock just stops ticking. Are you still wearing the same jeans from college? Maybe the same jackets or blazers you’ve had since the early 90’s? Perhaps back in the singles-scene and looking for some outfits to wear on the town? A simple update with a few key pieces can make all the difference in how you look and how you feel. Come on, get stylish, baby!

Group Events (rates upon request)

The Stylish Eye is all about spreading the good, stylish word. We can run group events for companies and for individual groups of people. Perhaps a “Working with Style” workshop for your office? Or maybe a quick “Be Trendy” udpate for the girls in town? Maybe a “Taste of Style” for your next office event? We’re hip to that scene. Just let us know what you’re thinking and we can cook something up.